Log house construction

We specialize in the construction of wooden structures. Our main activity and greatest experience are in the installation of log houses.

We offer log house construction services from the installation of the log parts to turnkey solutions. We have installed both double-walled systems and standard cottage solutions. We give at least a 2-year guarantee for all the work and take responsibility for the quality of our work.

We think that in addition to high-quality materials, the quality of the installation is also very important. To get a perfect log house, it is important to pay attention to all the main stages of construction. It is, of course, possible to do some of the works yourself, either in finishing or as an assistant to the installation team, This is an experience for life that gives the house just the right feeling of a home.

Construction of wooden frame houses

In addition to log houses, we have also installed several wooden frame houses. These types of buildings definitely have their specifics and every aspect requires certain knowledge. Our long-term experience in the installation of these houses has highlighted several important nuances to keep in mind and which will later play a very important role in the quality of the work in general.

As with log houses, we are also ready to facilitate the owner’s wishes to assist in the construction process of wooden frame houses. There are definitely more opportunities to help build a future home and do quality control. Under our guidance, it is possible to install insulation in certain parts, carry out finishing work, and give the final finish to the whole house with the installation of skirting.

Other works

If your wishes include work that is not covered by these two types of construction, you can contact us with your wishes and suggestions. Hopefully, we will be able to meet them and offer other works that are not currently covered here. Our activities are indeed more related to wood and finishing work, and concrete or metalwork is more the exception.

In any case, the completion of a home is a very big event and we want to make it as close to ideal as we can.

Your satisfaction is also our satisfaction.