The main activity of AAMPALK FIN OÜ is the design, production, and erection of log houses.

We offer our customers houses based on the principle that all their wishes are feasible. Therefore, our product range includes both traditional handicrafts and modern machine production.

Generally, people have very different visions for their future home. So much so, that it is nearly impossible to find two identical ones. That is why we try to be as flexible as possible and find the best possible solutions in cooperation with the client.

We started exporting our products already in the early years of our company, and today we have resellers in Denmark, Norway, and Spain, but we have also successfully exported log houses to Finland, Germany, and France.

In the case of complex projects with special solutions, we cooperate with Palmatin OÜ, which is technically able to perform special treatments. If you are interested, you can find more information here

We have realized that the whole process of manufacturing turnkey solutions from the ground up is only successful if it is preceded by a thorough and very detailed design as well as the identical preparation of working drawings. Therefore, we use specialized computer programs.