Wall constructions

Our selection of wall constructions (log or wooden element walls) offers you a chance to select a solution that suits your needs. All our products are manufactured from the highest quality and most precisely processed materials.

Wall logs – traditional and authentic way to build a house. Besides, log walls can also be used to create very modern and spacious layout solutions, which ensure a real log house atmosphere, the walls “breathe” and are thick enough to offer a pleasant and cozy indoor climate even in the harsh winters of the Nordic countries.

Solid wood walls

Solid wood walls are wall details made of natural, renewable wood material. Such a material creates a cozy and extremely pleasant indoor climate.

Glulam walls

Glulam wall construction is more stable compared to solid wood, there are fewer cracks due to drying. Glulam allows the use of wall constructions with a larger cross-section.

Prefabricated walls

Prefabricated houses are a modern solution for building a house made of prefabricated elements which are manufactured quickly and under controlled conditions.

Other wood materials

To fully finish the house, saw and planing materials with different cross-sections and finishes are needed. We find the best solutions according to the type of house and the customer’s wishes. The figure below gives some overview of the wooden materials of a log house.

Other wood materials

Additional insulation

If so desired, additional insulation can be used to increase the thermal insulation of the wall. In this case, a layer of insulation material is installed on the inside of the log wall. This can be, for example, 50, 100, or 150 mm thick. Different lining boards or drywall can be used for interior finishing. We recommend using additional insulation for year-round living in Estonia. Round logs: for logs with a diameter of Ø 180 mm and less. For square logs, logs are preferred to be 113 mm thick and thinner.

Additional insulation